Case Study: Critical Business Environments

Maintaining mission-critical IT environments

Interxion is a leading provider of European colocation data centre services.

It supports over 1400 customers through its 34 data centres, which are spread across 11 countries. The specialist, high performance service it provides enables its customers to securely deliver mission-critical business applications and content to end consumers.


Interxion’s service is business critical for its clients, and Westway’s resident maintenance management team has a key role to play. It is responsible for ensuring that exacting operating conditions are maintained for all plant, equipment and data racks.

Westway’s tight processes and procedures are crucial to successful data centre operation.

Given the sophistication and importance of the services involved, Westway’s site team includes our own dedicated refrigeration engineers.

Multiple generators are used to support mechanical and electrical services, air cooled chillers are fitted with the latest free-cooling coils, and there are numerous close control air conditioning units installed within the data centres. These units channel cool air through data centre floor voids to the data racks, while APC in-rack cooling is installed to provide direct cooling to those rooms with a small footprint.

Interxion’s customer contracts include strict SLA conditions, including ensuring that the temperature within each of the private rooms and equipment cages is kept within closely defined tolerances. Many customers monitor these temperatures remotely, and so each close control A/C unit is treated as critical. Maintenance is restricted by time constraints, as the temperature is constantly monitored.



Westway’s resident maintenance management team is a trusted Interxion partner, monitoring, operating and proactively maintaining its plant, ensuring strict environmental conditions. Our dedicated refrigeration engineers enable us to provide a particularly responsive and effective service.

Our robust processes and procedures provide a crucial platform for effectively managing maintenance activities, plant shut downs, repairs and change controls. The entire Westway team is focused on maximising up time and supporting Interxion’s success.