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Like Retail, the Leisure sector provides a large variety of services to end user customers, generating more than £200 billion in revenue through hotels, fitness clubs, restaurants, nightlife, theatres and other visitor attractions. A diverse industry employing 2.6 million people, 66% of these companies are small and medium sized businesses (SMEs).

Working with tight schedules

With extended opening times to fit busy schedules, we fully understand that the opportunity to carry out maintenance is often significantly reduced. Our experience within these environments has enabled us to develop service solutions whereby we can complete tasks in normal working hours in a safe and efficient manner. We have teams to complete the bulk of studio area maintenance who are focused on minimising disruption but ensuring the tasks can be completed safely. The bulk of maintenance is around air conditioning, however hot water is a critical factor and one which requires immediate action in the event of failure. Using our IBMS system we hold records on critical spares and ensure through process that control measures are in place to avoid major failures.

Our Leisure Case Studies

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