Westway provide an integrated range of technical building services structured to meet the compliance and performance requirements of individual customers that include:

• Static and Mobile contracts
• Planned and Reactive maintenance
• Provision of Specialist Services
• Management of Sub-Contractors
• Compliance maintenance
• Appropriate maintenance solutions
• Energy services
• Project and Minor Works

Technical knowledge underpins all aspects of our perspective, with all our managers being time-served engineers, ensuring that our service is provided by highly skilled, motivated staff.


Today’s modern buildings depend on complex technical building services that run throughout the structure installed to meet the comfort and operational needs of its tenants and business operations. Technical engineering services that include Mechanical are an integral part of a building and require regular inspection and maintenance to optimise energy and operational performance. Mechanical services cover a broad range of technical equipment and services that includes heating & hot water boilers, air handling units, fans, cooling towers air filters, pumps, tanks, and pressurisation units, valves and pipework. Quality of water services and equipment is dependent on the condition of the water in the systems that are controlled by a suitable programme of testing, inspection and water treatment. Planned maintenance solutions can be implemented based on recognised standard frequency based specification or an approach of “appropriate maintenance” that is business focussed taking into consideration equipment condition, age, usage and criticality of service to the environment it serves. Adopting the right maintenance approach will not only protect the equipment and services it will also keep systems running efficiently, reduce the risk of breakdown and costly repairs. Lack of maintenance or poorly implemented programmes of maintenance will significantly increase energy consumption.


Electrical power and lighting equipment and installations are essential services within the infrastructure of a building that allows business operations and workplaces to function. LV & HV power, lighting, switchgear and motor control centres, stand-by Generators, UPS, Fire & Security systems all require regular inspection, testing and maintenance to ensure that equipment and systems are safe and can operate without risk of failure. These services are often referred to as life support systems and are business critical to ensure the day to day operation of a building. Programme of planned maintenance on equipment motors and compressors is important to optimise energy performance. Regular inspection & testing and non-intrusive techniques such as thermal imaging can provide essential data to assist with early intervention and define programme of works to reduce the risk of high temperature and equipment overload enabling action to be taken to avert failures.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Landlords and tenants rightly expect their facility and workspace to be an environment that contributes to maximising performance and ensuring critical equipment and operations are constantly maintained to the correct conditions. Critical business environments, data centres and media production, as well as commercial offices, retails and leisure facilities all depend on air conditioning & refrigeration to satisfy the comfort needs of the staff and business operation. Correctly operating and maintained equipment is essential to optimise energy usage and to meet the requirements and standards of the Energy Performance for building regulations that require regular inspection and testing of systems to ensure compliance. Westway have developed its air conditioning & refrigeration expertise through a programme of training, technical innovation and technology to be able to self-deliver maintenance breakdown repairs, and replacement also the design and installation of replacement or new systems. Our in-house trained and experienced engineers are able to work on all major systems including the latest CO2 technology, large chillers and packaged plant. Working in partnership with training specialist Cool Concerns, Westway has developed a bespoke refrigeration maintenance and F-Gas training programme. Business partner relationships have been established with several equipment manufacturers to access a raft of commercial benefits including extended warranties along with technical support and development in technology to ensure engineers are able to provide value and service excellence to our customers.